Wipes Prep

Let's talk wipes.

Wipes are an amazing eco swap. For starters, they disposable ones are pretty much made of plastic, and you can easily go through a million dealing with one poonarmi. If anyone isn't sure about swapping to reusable nappies, wipes is a great first step.

As much as I try, I haven't been able to get my sister to swap to reusable nappies, but the wipes were an easy swap for her. As she doesn't have a nappy wash she can chuck them in with, her method has been to rinse under hot water, and chuck in with a normal wash. Easy. She used the wipes from birth as well, so no need for ottonthat pad & water only' stage, which is useless for those sticky poos.

Here is the video of my wipe prep. I like to keep mine wet, I know others prefer dry and wet when needed. You can also add essential oils, baby oils or even things like camomile tea (which is great if a teething rash starts appearing)

And no, I don't always fold them like that, alot of the time they're shoved in the wipe box still crumpled!


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