The Story Of How This Journey Started

Baby Tail Feather

During early 2020 we were hit by the pandemic we all know as Covid19. As a new first time mum I was terrified and determined to do everything I could to keep Baby Tail Feather (featured), safe, healthy and happy. It didn't take long for hysteria to spread across the UK, and as others started to panic, basic essentials like nappies and wet wipes started to become short in supply. The thought of struggling to provide my baby with these made me determined to give cloth nappies a good go. I contacted our local nappy library, and with the support of Daddy Tail Feather, we became a family with a cloth bum! We soon fell in love with the beautiful patterns, the cost efficiency and the environmental benefits that cloth provides, our own stash grew and so did our passion for reusables.

Fast forward a few months, we want to spread the cloth bum love with you all, and decided to start up Tail Feather Reusables. We aim to provide you with reusables that are affordable and excellent quality, along with the customer service you deserve.

As we are all shiny and new, we will be building on our stockist and supplies as we go along, so please keep an eye on what we have coming in, and feel free to contact us for any advice, requests or ideas for products that you want to see.

Lots of love,

The Tail Feather Family